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Being the ultimate receiver of information, they want to know what other people think of them. They need feedback, and criticism is the most honest expression of love to them because it shows that a partner is willing to go out on a limb. What they need is a big picture view so they can fill in the details.

And, always with Gemini, remember to take care of their bodies. Do things that take care of their bodies. Make them tea or try new recipes together—Gemini neglects their body and will value a partner who reminds them that they exist outside of their heads. Cancers need equality.

Honestly, this sign is not great at handling conflict inside a relationship only because they feel so exposed all the time already. Cancers will thrive in relationships where there is some kind of similarity or symmetry, where someone has what they need or they have something their partner needs. Often, Cancers look for relationships with people of the same race or class as themselves for this reason—so there is an equal give and take.

What Cancer really needs is accountability. They need to feel a sense of responsibility inside a relationship and they will love it if a partner feels responsible for them. This is difficult for Cancers to learn because a part of them wants the other person to have all the authority read: responsibility.

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They will not feel loved unless a relationship makes them also feel powerful and in control. Cancer, learn to have boundaries so you can feel loved. A Leo needs power. They may not show it and the beginning of a relationship with them is usually fun, spontaneous, and about adventure. However, for a Leo to really commit, the relationship better make them feel fierce. Power is sexy to Leos but so is social accountability. This makes dating one a lot of fun and really complicated.

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It will honestly feel like their partner could be anyone and Virgo would still be the same person. Managing such faraway experiences is what love is about for Virgo and they will do so carefully, while learning and teaching actively. So, on the surface, a Libra seems like a tender creature. Libra promotes vulnerability by defining it for themselves first in systematic ways. This means that Libra needs accountability first and foremost.

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They are literally not able to be vulnerable without it. For Libra, love is freedom. All day, Libra is navigating the social world and mirroring other people while thinking about social identity—what is unjust and working through that. In their private relationships, they want someone who is on the same page politically but able to transcend because they are on the same page.

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Relationships give Libra a chance to figure out who they are on a one to one scale, without having to think too much about how they are perceived. This leads to a lot of repression. Really, empathy as freedom matters the most to Scorpio. Falling in love is an exercise of blurring the boundaries for Scorpio. Ownership is a point of tension in a Scorpio relationship.

They will always remember you and check up on you. I believe that a Scorpio is the person for me, they understand me more than anyone else I've ever been with. I've just started officially dating a Scorpio man a month ago though it took 5 months of talking to get to that point and we're already completely head over heels in love with one another.

Because I am an Aquarius that sees him clearly I've been dropping information bombs along the way about the importance of communication between our signs. As a younger Scorpio he has some bad habits but only because he's never been with a woman of my caliber and he's a quick study.

He's extremely loyal and loving and he brings me back into my body. Our souls have loved many lifetimes before and I truly feel that I've found a soul mate in my beloved Scorpio. He's changed me already in profound ways and we're both better for it. From what I've read about this match, it's quite uncommon and it's either Love or Hate, however, if both parties are mature enough to accept the love they have to share with each other and communicate anything is possible and THIS pairing is worth the work, my god is it worth it.

Both of these signs should contemplate how they come across to those close to them.

Much is often lost in the quest to reach another. However i just find him interesting and yeah his charm it stings me.. He is also one of my friends that is why sometimes we hang out..

Aquas i think in my case really not an emotional person outside but they are full of emotions inside. I think that is their defense mechanism.. I understand also why scorpios so emotional. I wish that these two signs will consider their love with each other always so that they will understand each other's differences and weirdness. I am having some struggle with a Leo man with Scorpio rising. I am an Aquarius with sun in Leo and moon in Gemini. He has his moon in Capricorn. Could you get me some. Im a scorpio female, getting involved with an aquarius male.

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I can't understand him half of the time, but I find his quirkiness and sense of humour irresistible. I think the best way to get involved with an aquarius is being friends first. They don't seem to be the sensual kind in the beginning! In the meanwhile they may treat you like a buddy, which can be a bit of a turnoff.

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But as the relationship progresses and they realise they want you, they become more romantic. Romantic in their own offbeat way, mind you! Maybe they won't give you a traditionally romantic gift, they'll probably give you something really unique. But think twice before dismissing it and pay attention to the story around it there IS usually a story!

They can be very warm and then become distant in a matter of hours. Sometimes they can be a bit cranky. They need space, but thing is, they always end up coming around if they care, and that happens quite soon. In fact, they're always around if they like you, they just jump from attached to detached state. So as far as the scorpio is confident that his distancing isn't because of some other woman, the distance can work fine. But there has to be trust.