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However, a deep and serious study leaves the impression that there is a huge and superior intelligence behind these sutras. But since Jaimini-astrology is so much different from the usual Parasari-concept some further explanation is needed. Normally we would say that all planets aspects the 7th house and further Mars aspects the 4th and 8th, Jupiter aspects the 5th and 9th and Saturn aspects the 3rd and 10th house from their location.

But in Jaimini Astrology there is a completely different concept, since the aspects are connected to the Cardinal, Fixed and Common signs:. On the other hand, if we take a planet placed in Leo, which is a Fixed sign, then it will aspect Libra, Capricorn and Aries, but NOT Cancer, which is the previous sign. When a planet is placed in say Gemini, which a Common sign, then it will aspect Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces, since they are the other three Common signs. Normally, we consider karakatwa or significations to be always the same in case of each planet.

We use the Sun for father, the Moon for mother, Mars for brothers, Jupiter for children, Venus for wife etc. This kind of Karakas is known as Sthira-Karakas , meaning fixed significators. This is also the case in Jaimini Astrology, and the karakas are also to some extent the same. But Jaimini additionally suggest the use of the following seven Chara-Karakas , meaning the seven changeable significators:. These seven Karakas are simply identified from the precise degree, minutes and seconds obtained by the different planets.

This way a planet at 29 degrees in any sign is considered to be stronger than a planet, which is only at 25 degrees in any sign. Except for Rahu and Ketu, the planet having most degrees in the sign occupied by him is considered to be the strongest planet in the horoscope and therefore it become the Atmakaraka.

What is Karakamsa in Jaimini Astrology?

Following the same principle, the second strongest planet becomes Amatyakaraka , then comes Bhratrukaraka followed by Matrukaraka, Putrakaraka, Gnatikara and finally the Darakaraka, which is the planet having least degrees, minutes and seconds in the sign occupied by him. In Jaimini astrology a number of different Ascendants or Lagnas are involved obviously for a lot of different purposes.

I have found some of these Lagnas to be highly useful. The Upapada-Lagna is found by counting as many signs from the 12th-lord as the 12th-lord is removed from the 12th house. This way, if the 12th house falls in Libra and Venus is in Capricorn, the 4th house from the 12th, then Upapada will be in Aries, which is the 4th from Capricorn. Upapada works like a kind of relationship-axis.

It can be used in cooperation with the normal Ascendant to get a second opinion about elder and younger coborns from the 3rd and 11th house and about children from the 5th and 9th houses. In the same way the 2nd and 7th houses from Upapada can be used profitably in connection to marriage and family.

However, I only think Upapada should be used in connection to relations like marriage, sibling and children.

Jamini Raj Yoga in Vedic Astrology (Jamini Lesson 5)

To find out about profession, educations, land and house etc. As strong 2nd lord and 10th lord is very important for sustenance of the native. It is also important for any kind of rewards and recognition. Read- Business Yoga Present in Horoscope. Dasamsa Chart of D10 divisional chart is checked for finer judgment of Career.

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The importance of Amatyakaraka planet in D10 chart is very high. During the Chara Dasha the time period of this or signs ruled by amatyakaraka planet is very important to identify the favorable period for Career Progress. We have to perfectly blend the combinations. You can watch this Video to understand the importance of Navamsa chart in our professional Life. This Video is in Hindi.

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So If you know Hindi, it will be useful for you. Book Your Consultation! So in a Horoscope Amatyakaraka Sun will try to give profession as its significance or planets associated with it.

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Whatever be the situation, Amatyakaraka Sun will have a say in deciding the Profession or career of the person. Franklin Roosevelt had Sun as Amk in his chart. Amatyakaraka Sun was in 10th house with 10th Lord Venus. We always suggest to use Composite approach in which Parashari Technique and Jaimini Technique both to be used to come to any conclusion about Career.

You may see the Client Feedback about our Career Consultation. Amatyakaraka Moon :When Moon becomes Amatyakaraka, the career or profession will be largely decided by Moon. Moon represents Mind. As Moon also represents women or Ladies, so Amatyakaraka Moon may give business related to Ladies product also.

Big Bureaucrats are also found with Amatyakaraka Moon. Swami Vivekananda had Amatyakaraka Moon conjunct with Saturn in 10th house. So we can assume that amatyakaraka Moon in chart is very good for spiritual progress. Amatyakaraka Mars :When we see Amatyakaraka Mars in a birth chart, we can say that the person is most suitable for any kind of military work. Mars is the Army chief among the planets. It is Full of energy. So Amatyakaraka mars also tries to bring that energy in Profession and Career. Engineering, Police, Military, Surgeon, Investigator etc can be the profession of a native with amatyakaraka Mars.

Chara Dasha Calculation

Amatyakaraka Mercury: Amatyakaraka Mercury gives profession related to Business, Education, teachers, clerks, Auditors etc. Mercury is the planet of mathematics and Logical and analytical skill. So if a person has strong Amatyakaraka Mercury, he can become good Lawyer, scientist etc also. It is the Planet of communication as well.

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  7. So good Marketing Executives also have the influence of Amatyakaraka Mercury. Jupiter also signify Money. SO amatyakaraka Jupiter can give Banking Profession as well. Because most of the materialistic things that we want to poses is under the control of Venus. So a strong and unafflicted Venus is a great Boon. Amatyakaraka Venus can give profession related to Acting, Singing and all sort of creative field.

    It can also give profession related to web designing, graphics designing, fashion designing etc. Read- How to Identify the Horoscope of a Doctor.

    Amatyakaraka Saturn : We know that saturn signify jobs related to hard work, repetition, service to the society etc. So when amatyakaraka saturn is strong, it can actually make a person clerk, Government servant, Social worker etc. It is the planet of Justice also. So a person with amatyakaraka saturn can become good judicial officer or judges. It also indicates Masses. So a Mass Leader can be indicated with Amatyakaraka Saturn.