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He saw a truncated robot armed with kitchen knives crawling away from an explosion. This nightmare ultimately turned out to be a godsend for Cameron. It inspired him to write the script for the film The Terminator, a successful creation that launched him on the road to fame and fortune. An initially weird or difficult event will actually be a stroke of luck.

Most everyone is primarily occupied with the welter of thoughts buzzing around inside his or her own head.

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The good news, Virgo, is that you are well set up to capitalize on this phenomenon in the coming weeks. In accordance with astrological omens, I propose that in the coming weeks, you take inspiration from their decision, Libra. Return to your roots. Pay homage to your sources.

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Restore and revive the spirit of your original influences. Still, it made a bold statement by electing a cat as its mayor for 15 years. Stubbs, a part-manx, won his first campaign as a write-in candidate, and his policies were so benign — no new taxes, no repressive laws — that he kept getting re-elected.

What might be the equivalent of having a cat as your supreme leader for a while, Scorpio? From an astrological perspective, now would be a favorable time to implement that arrangement.

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  7. This phase of your cycle calls for relaxed fun, amused mellowness and laissez-faire jauntiness. It makes them strong. As they respond to the pressure of breezes and gusts, they generate a hardier kind of wood called reaction wood.

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    Exult in this brisk but low-stress opportunity to toughen yourself up! Second, the most popular songs, both then and now, have more repetitive lyrics than the average song. Morris speculates that repetitive songs are catchier. But in accordance with current astrological omens, I encourage you Capricorns to be as unrepetitive as possible in the songs you sing, the messages you communicate, the moves you make, and the ideas you articulate.

    In the coming weeks, put a premium on originality, unpredictability, complexity and novelty. He became instantly famous. Years later, Lindbergh testified that partway through his epic journey he was visited by a host of odd, vaporous beings who suddenly appeared in his small cabin. They spoke with him, demonstrating a sophisticated understanding of navigation and airplane technology.

    His concentration, which had been flagging, revived. He was grateful for their unexpected support.

    The Goal of Free Will Astrology

    I foresee a comparable kind of assistance becoming available to you sometime soon, Aquarius. In the course of his military career, he fought in more than a hundred battles.

    Wednesday, April 4, 2018

    From the Fire of Aries, Taurus settles the Aries fire with its deep and penetrating earth. Taurus is reliable and loving, faithful and generous, consistent and balanced, gentle and modest. Taurus takes the initiative impulses of Aries, presents us with new concepts, and anchors the ideas into matter. Taurus adds desire and aspiration to the impulses of Aries.

    Taurus is the Buddha, aware of the sufferings in the world, offering to help humanity via the Eight Noble Truths. Desire is the quality of Taurus. It is not desire that destroys humanity, but the expectations of desire. Desire is very focused within our planet Earth. The Bull of Desire is a symbol of power, vitality, energy and potency. Desire to create was the energy behind the Lords who created planet Earth and the humanity living upon it.

    Desire is part of the powers of Creation. The horns of the bull in Taurus signify desire for life itself, for experiences, for comfort and satisfaction.

    Free Will Astrology (4/11/18-4/17/18)

    When these are achieved, then the desire is for knowledge; desire lifted up to Aspiration—aspiring for an intelligent, illuminated mind. Vulcan Soul ruler of Taurus , the mysterious planet hidden between Sun and Mercury in astrology charts , comes forth in Taurus. Vulcan is Hephaestus, husband of Venus. Vulcan forges the Path ahead, and in the fires of experience, fashions the lead of the personality into the chalice of the Soul. Aries develops individuality not quite understanding cooperation.

    Libra cooperatively develops the self with others. Integration for Aries occurs in relationship and partnership. Observe your behavior with others. Are you always the leader, the initiator, or do you assist others in discovering their initiating leadership qualities? You test the trustworthiness of others. As you seek the Art of Living, Scorpio seeks the Art of diving deep into darkness dying, regenerating , inviting everyone to join them. While you seek safety and comfort, Scorpio is living life behind closed doors, too hidden to go out.

    The opposite of practical, your environments are piled high with boxes, baskets, trinkets everywhere, the stove filled with soups and stews. But a tiny part is! LEO: We gaze at our opposites. They seem to have all the attributes we seem to lack. You, the heart-felt, need to be recognized, praised, and applauded for anything you create. You gaze across the room to the Aquarian—the foot loose, fancy-free, friendly acquaintance to everyone acquaintance to everyone, friend to none —floating happily here and there, giving things away, putting up art shows, taking them down as if heedless to time.

    Where is their love? It wounds them.