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Cancer Daily Horoscope

It is your reason for breathing. This month, love may need to be rekindled. You need to put your focus back on what it means to be loving. It may be that you need to show love to yourself first and foremost, as we cannot love others from a dark, depleted or empty heart.

Horoscope today: February 26, 12222

Do not be afraid to admit that you may need to take time to lock back into that loving feeling. The second phase of the month will bring recognition and magnetism to all that you do. This is a wonderful time for you to be noticed and to make changes.

Otherwise, you may be feeling somewhat emotionally depleted. On the 23rd, Venus moves into Sagittarius which urges you to keep a tab on what makes you vulnerable, especially when it comes to health. Do you tend to indulge too much?

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Think about which advice you accept and which you reject. This is a time to make changes. As Mars moves into Libra on the 10th, you have an opportunity to enforce huge growth professionally. This is a time for celebration whatever your stage of life. You have definitely grown in some capacity and will be able to reap the rewards.

The best astrologers in India can give your journey a direction, consult them on Astroyogi! In the meantime, it is at either end of the month that there is a lot of focus on home and family matters. It is not just that Venus is the planet of love that makes this significant and more that lucky Jupiter is just seven days away by then.

Daily Horoscope Tuesday February 26th | Jessica Adams

To begin with, it is business as usual on the romantic and relationship fronts, apart from the fact that on both fronts there is something extraordinary in play. This is more a case of business as usual in that what was in play last month is still in play this month.

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  • With Saturn and Pluto both now in direct motion in your relationship sector you are looking to the future, but to begin with at least, it is more a case that you are moving towards something than a case of having arrived. It is a different story on the romantic front, where you have most definitely arrived.

    Check out what the stars say your day will be like today.

    To begin November with the Sun, Venus and Mercury in your romantic sector is the norm, though the planets of love and communication have very different agendas. Venus, the planet of love will leave your romantic sector on 2nd November, knowing that with the Sun here until 23rd November, Mercury all month and Mars, the planet of passion and the warrior planet of the cosmos returning on 19th November, the spirit of romance is in safe hands.

    Mercury, who normally spends 14 to 15 days giving your heart a voice and putting heart and mind on the same page is instead in retrograde motion until 21st November, holding the doors open to the past and second chances. With Pluto and Saturn together in your relationship sector for nearly two years now and the developments on the romantic front the new bright and shiny object that is likely to grab your attention, relationship matters could fly under the radar. In reality, nothing will change, apart from Saturn and Pluto still slowly drawing relationship matters forward, until later in the month but then when it changes, boy does it change.

    What is extraordinary about this is that it will put the planet of love here when lucky Jupiter returns a week later, kicking off your luckiest relationship year in over a decade early next month. The last planet only left your income sector in late August and as one of those planets moving through had been Mars, making his first visit in two years, this has created a lot of momentum and untapped income potential.


    February 26 Zodiac is Pisces - Full Horoscope Personality

    This brings the planets of money and luck together, just as Jupiter is spending his last full month here and everything that has been building all year is starting to come together. Venus was one of the planets that created the untapped income potential that is still waiting to be exploited. That includes the massive amount of momentum Venus is able to tap into on the job front and the untapped income potential she helped create and knows how to access.

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    • By the time the Moon moves through your income sector from 18th November to 20th November, Venus will be in her final days in your work sector and Jupiter his final weeks. A sharp nose for money will give you even better access to where the money is, whether it is new or untapped income potential. Despite the fact that nothing has changed, you are likely to begin the month with a new sense of job confidence and anticipation, sensing that this is the month when everything is destined to start coming together.