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In other words, he was the link between the nebulous ideas that are floating around out there and the tangible thoughts that manifest in our minds -- just like the planet Mercury. Zodiac signs Mercury rules: Gemini and Virgo Exalted in: Virgo House Mercury rules: 3rd House of Communication, and 6th House of Details and Daily Routines Mercury retrogrades: times every year, each retrograde lasting around three weeks Mercury stays in each zodiac sign for: weeks Mercury makes a complete trip through the zodiac: About every year.

What’s My Mercury Sign?

Mercury, known as the winged messenger in Roman mythology, rules over both Gemini and Virgo. Both signs are known for the ways they absorb and share information. Then when it comes to Virgo, Mercury influences the intelligent and intuitive mind, and allows Virgo to carefully choose which pieces of information are most important. These houses are all about processes, and represent the style and wellness in which you communicate and approach your daily habits.

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Both houses have a strong effect on your personal growth within your environment. The gifts of Mercury are objectivity, intellect, and adaptability, which is where we can learn a great deal about this planet. We can start by becoming better observers of ourselves. Judgment of any kind, positive or negative, gets in the way of this clarity.

Taking one breath before falling into self-blame is an excellent way to break the emotional habits that clutter the mind. The messenger planet is more interested in questions than answers. It opens the mind to a variety of perspectives that allow us to be more tolerant and more creative. Set up your space with all your materials, tools, books, etc. In a give-and-take or back-and-forth discussion. Productivity Tips: Tune out distractions—laserbeam Scorpio needs to focus, so carve out a sacred space where you can work uninterrupted Find other obsessive people to work around. Because you dive in so deep, you can get isolated.

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Having productive energy in your space keeps you flowing and motivated. Take breaks. You can easily get lost in your work and forget to come up for air, which can plunge you into dark moods. Force yourself to stop, have fun and interact!

Mercury in Sagittarius or the 9th House : You tend to: Love big, bold ideas with a major impact Take risks and leaps of faith—but can also leap without looking Enjoy multi-tasking or having a variety of different projects going on. Be fiercely independent about your opinions and ideas—nobody tells YOU what to think or believe! With Mercury in this global sign , combine learning with retreats Have a defined purpose. Productivity Tips: Identify the big goal and reverse-engineer your action steps. How long will it take and what do you need to DO to get there?

Mercury Astrology Symbol - Characteristics, Planet Energy and More

Reward yourself. Make it a non-negotiable to treat yourself to some earthly pleasures as a payoff for your hard work!

Aquarius is the sign of groups and you thrive in collaborative settings Incentivize yourself by giving back. Donate a portion of your profits to charity, hire women in developing countries to stimulate the global economy, use ethically-sourced materials. Get out of isolation.

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